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No, but I don't have any pants that fit guyliner, makeup, glitter paint, leather pants, high heeled boots and happy trails #rockglam #boyfriendproblems #fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck #icantwalk
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Who: Angela Ashwood, Lincoln Cole and Clint Chevalier
What: New family dynamics
Where: Mount Sinai, NYC
When: Sunday

Everything had changed in these last couple of months. There was no way to ever anticipate what the terrible turn life threw at them, but there was no choice to sink or swim. It was swim only, and swim like the fucking wind because there was a new tiny person who needed them all to have their shit together so he could survive. Angela knew she fell the hardest. She experienced things she thought she would have been immune to, and it was the hardest thing she had ever survived. She faced shit in the past, but this was the worst of all. She struggled. She had a terrible experience with Postpartum Depression where she suffered a terrible phobia that she was going to kill her baby if she touched him. Their time in hospital was a marathon. Not just for her new baby boy, but for her also. She had to be medicated and she had to have a lot of intensive therapy to heal. Gone were plans to breastfeed him, so that avenue of bonding had been annihilated. But she got there, little by little. If he could be strong and fight to survive, she could too.

And he did. More and more each day, he began to gain strength. He didn't thrive, because this wasn't a fake superhero movie where someone farted and saved the world from the Apocalypse. It was a real tiny little baby who survived against the odds, and he was her son. He was little, very little. But he didn't have to be big to be strong. She knew his daddy's genes were definitely on their side, and finally, Nate came by the day before and said Zéphyr was given the all-clear to go home. It was terrifying, but at the same time, the first day of the rest of their lives.

They had received so many gifts for him, that it was impossible to know what to dress him in to take him home. Soon, she settled on a gorgeous little blue and lemon ducky outfit from Lorenzo and Lewis, a little hat from Richie, and tiny knitted booties from Granny Cole. She tied the little bows and then scooped him up into her arms while he slept on. It had been a rough night, but that was part and parcel with the health issues he had. He was alive, that was all the mattered.
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This little lovebug is finally off ventilators and mechanical assistance and allowed to go home tomorrow. Can't believe it ♥ #myworld

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Who: Gen Hart and Justin Campbell
What: Mom Duties
Where: Home, Upper East Side
When: Saturday morning

Many thought Gen was a superficial bitch who probably did everything with her thumb firmly on hired help left, right and centre. It just wasn’t true. Case in point was the fact, for the last half hour or so, she had been on her hands and knees scrubbing her kid’s puke off the carpet in his bedroom, stripping his bed to put all the bedding in the wash, along with his track pants and t-shirt he had been sleeping in when he woke up sick. No one else was home. Mark was in a board meeting at work because he felt up to going in for it, Sasha was over at his parents, and the other kids were out doing whatever teenagers did together in the summer these days.

Justin had been up during the night with stomach pain. He hadn’t been able to verbalise specifically how it felt, enough to keep him awake. ‘Queasy pain’ was the best he had. A new medication had been added to his regime, but even if it was a low early dose, he could still be experiencing side effects. He just needed to be closely watched. Ari had been with him in the morning before when Justin attended rehearsal for an upcoming SoV event, but Justin’s stomach had been upset all day that singing was hard and Sasha convinced him to go home. Gen was working from home that day just in case anything escalated with Justin. Mentally or physically, because he had a history of drug sensitivities and had gotten extremely sick with Lithium when they first trialled him on it. You always had to be in ‘just in case’ mode if Justin was in recovery too. It had seemed fine. He went to bed somewhere around 8am and he had been asleep since. She fielded a string of frequent texts from Mark and Sasha checking how he was, but she really had nothing to report. Whenever she checked, Justin was still curled up on his side asleep with Dory in a little ball in against his stomach. Her pup mojo powers were in full force.

Then she heard a cry of, “Mom! I need help!” She almost literally dropped her laptop getting up from the sofa, catching it before it fell, and ran to him... )

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I might be a lesbian, but that doesn't mean I can't find watching two boys tongue-kissing like there's no tomorrow incredibly hot.
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Who: Reecy Chester and Kyan Wilson
What: Letting go is hard, holding on is harder
Where: Four Seasons, Denver, Colorado
When: Friday

Reecy was sitting by the hotel window that had a perfect view over Denver. She was nursing a cup of tea and reading a book she had been looking forward to starting. It was a beautiful suite with views in in the distance of the mountains. It had been far from the easiest stop of their tour, however. Across the suite, Kyan had been passed out cold after way too much booze not just from the hotel bar, but he also hit the mini bar once she dragged him back to their room. He was usually a teetotal, but the decision to go visit his mom’s grave had tipped him over the edge.

She had lost count of how many times she got distracted from her book, looking over at him sadly as he slept. He had completely broken down at the cemetery. He seemed okay at first. She went with him, a supportive arm around his waist so he knew he wasn’t alone to face this extremely difficult task of visiting her grave for the first time since they buried her. He had already been distant through the meet-and-greet with fans and donors to Shades of Violet. She did most of the schmoozing and took the driver’s seat on liaising.

Not that there needed much. They were wanting to throw money at them because apparently Justin had helped rescue a young person, a fan of Justin’s, here in Denver from a suicide attempt... )

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You can take the Brit out of the country, but you can never take the tea out the Brit #aftersex #holidaylovin

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What it looks like when others on the alphabet soup spectrum try to minimise pansexuality and omnisexuality as "just another word for bi". Fuck off and stop constructing my identity for me.

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Anyone used Grindr? Give me honest opinions!

ooc: ps. i've adopted this fun fella so he can officially talk to his bff!
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Sunsets and sexiness with this spunk #myheart #holiday

"So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are."

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I need help with some advice, and I know Justin says you're one of the best big sisters in the world... I thought maybe you could help?
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Going to need all you prejudiced cunts out there to stop asking queer people when they're going to fully transition. Unless you want everyone to start asking you when your dick is going to fully transition to your head and our feet are going to fully transition up your ass #ffs
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No, but I have the most amazing family and friends in the world ♥ ILU, thanks for putting up with my everything.

ooc: same goes to you lovies! so much thank for your patience & support while i tackle camp nano - still going strong, almost at the finish line!
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Hey, dude. First, I'm sorry because you're right, I have been avoiding you and I know that makes me a giant cockface. That's the last thing I want to be, and not talking to you isn't going to fix anything. So, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to come to Vegas with me and Darius for a couple of days? Hunt's getting married and they said I could bring a friend. You've been an amazing friend with all the shit I went through. It's okay if you don't want to. I get it. If I was you, I'd probably say no.
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Damn, I've been using fucking pussy condoms this whole time? FML.

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Apparently I'm only dating Justin for fame, because I don't have any now my dad's a cripple.

That, and also how well he sucks my dick, bitches.

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Cancelled our engagements. Staying in the hotel today. Quite possibly one of the hardest days of my life.
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Hi Georgie, I'm Mark. Fin's a friend of my son, Justin. I hope you don't mind that Walker gave me your number. I know all the kids are planning a trip over to AR for a summer break, but I wanted to chat to you first because Justin's not be well and I might need to just put some reinforcements into place before anything happens.
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Hey, buddy - are you sitting down, I need to tell you something. Also, have you by any chance heard from Brant? Cruz hasn't been able to get in touch with him.
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Who: Hunter Alexander and Cruz Quinlan
What: The path to healing
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When: Wednesday night

Finally, Cruz was discharged from hospital. It was an early discharge, and his doctors were reluctant with it, but Hunter being a nurse had some swing in the decision-making process. The main reason was because Cruz’s mental health didn’t seem to be getting better. He was so on edge being stuck in the hospital. It was beyond cabin fever, it seemed to be exacerbating everything and stalling his recovery.

Hunter had to make the road trip home a thing. He knew right deep down in his soul that it would be healing for Cruz to have that breathing space and time to clear his head. It would also be good for their relationship, because travelling in a car together, no buffers of other people, or even drugs and alcohol, to intervene of Cruz’s health. Cruz was still weak and it was obvious he was unwell. He was still deathly pale and his eyes were bloodshot, sunken in dark circles lying beneath them. He had lost a lot of weight too. Too much. He was skin and bones, and his clothing hung from him. He could only walk small distances before he tired out, and even though he was eating more than he had been, it was piecemeal. But Hunter knew it was a work-in-progress.

They set out from LA towards Vegas... )

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Who: Sasha Stanford and Justin Campbell
What: Keeping the L in TLC
Where: Home, Upper East Side
When: Few days after this

When Sasha’s dad fell ill with a virus, he went home for a couple of nights to help his mom take care of him. Whenever his dad was sick, he needed extra help with his care. At first, he wasn’t going to go because of how Justin’s mental health had been. But Justin overheard his conversation with his mom, told him he and his mom were both nuts for thinking he was a reason to change any sort of long-standing back-up plans. Although Sasha’s mom had other family and friends to rely on, Sasha had always been the first port of call.

So, he went, but he worried about Justin the whole time. It helped a lot when he was lying with his dad in bed and talked everything out with him. His dad might not have been feeling well, but he was still his dad with a perfectly functioning brain. Martin offered a lot of insight to his son about remembering life was all about the ups and downs. It was never easy, and mental illness in someone so young, they were tough lessons to learn. Sasha’s dad told him he really adored Justin, and loved that his only boy had found someone so special, even if there were challenges.

Sasha checked in with both Mark and Gen while he was away, seeing how Justin was... )

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I'm sharing this, because it's important. I don't think it's just relevant to partners, but also parents, siblings, friends. I also don't think it's only relevant to depression, but any psychological struggle, whether it's PTSD, illness or injury related stress, PPD, psychological bullying or abuse, etc. Just because you know someone with a depression diagnosis, doesn't mean you're immune to feeling psychologically taxed yourself, for whatever reason. Mental Illness, like identities, can often be diluted down into restrictive boxed labels when really, everyone is different and any of us can be at risk of stumbling onto a spectrum of emotional or psychological challenges. Just because someone doesn't have a "label" (ie. a diagnosis or a pill bottle with their name on it) doesn't mean they're not in pain too.

How to Support a Depressed Partner While Maintain Your Own Mental Health

And also, a video, that's beautiful with an amazing song attached:

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Who: Gen Hart and Kai Darcy
What: Long overdue catching up
Where: NYC
When: Early Sunday evening

Gen loved the restaurant Kai picked for them to have dinner. It was quaint, cosy, and the menu offered good comfort soul food. She had her fair share of ala carte and molecular degustations over the time of being int he industry she was, but she preferred this. More and more lately, she was realisation that she very much preferred having two personas. The real her, where she didn't have to keep up appearances, constantly be pristine and poised, or a charming people-pleaser. And the her that was all that and whatever else the fashion industry demanded in any given current fashion season. Strangely enough, the latter was the easier for her. It was a charade, smoke and mirrors, a magic act she was a prized expert at. The real her meant she was emotionally exposed and vulnerable, which caused her to fuck up more than she wished she had.

But she had been working on putting things right, and she began to see right before her eyes, things starting to mesh back into place. No one hated her, no one was blocking her from trying to get close again. Not even Justin when he was in his stonewalling emotional space. He had, understandably, been distance and distrustful of her when she first came back. In fact, he went about addressing her more like she was a complete stranger not privy to enough to be close to him, but he had gradually, little by little, began to open up again to her. The longer she was there, keeping her promises, doing what she swore to him she would to fix things, he got better with her.

Tonight, it was time to fix things with Kai and put them in a place where nothing was awkward with any of her family. But most importantly, Amarlie. She was the priority here, and she had to feel like now that her life had completely changed knowing who her birth parents were, she didn't need to be on eggshells around anyone. Kai asked if an early dinner was okay, which Gen thought was curious and she was definitely intrigued. But she knew her place. It wasn't up to her to dig into Kai's private life...

Only, "So, what have you got planned for after dinner tonight, darling?" she was asking with a smirk once he arrived and sat down with her in their cosy booth that gave them plenty of privacy to chat.
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Guys, I'm going home to the farm for a couple of weeks. Shan's coming with me. I want to invite y'all to come too! There's plenty of room, and loads of shit to do. Kinda like camping, only with a house and horse ranch.

ooc: i'm home, guys! tags incoming once I've had a wee rest! <3
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Just wanted to give you all a head's up that Justin's still all over the place. If he seems weird or up/down, it's just because he's sick right now. On the upside, we dropped in to see Cas for a little bit this morning and she's doing well. Physically wiped out, but emotionally in a good place.

Also - what's going on with this camping trip we were thinking about?
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Who: Sasha Stanford, Justin Campbell and Arian Alcott
What: The shit that keeps on giving
Where: NYC
When: Fourth of July

Sasha was so worried about Justin’s health that he had this constant knot of fear in his stomach that his boyfriend with attempt again. The near-miss with Amarlie’s nail file had been bad enough, but that seemed to more be self-harming than a suicide attempt. He had gone from a pretty high manic episode down to a low once the sedative wore off and he woke up. He was like a zombie. The lights were on but no one was home. He went through the motions of eating, going to bathroom, showering, dressing, but it was autopilot. Someone needed to be with him all the time because they just didn’t know if the next moment could signal anything from him walking out in front of a car (he had that history) or slamming his hand into something.

Yet, he still wanted to keep his booking for the Fourth of July performance. It was a small set of songs, followed by a fan meet-and-greet. Some of the other Broadway stars were there with him, so the entire event wasn’t resting on his shoulders, even if he was the headlining act, and it was to celebrate inclusion and equality for Independance Day. Justin dug his heels in and still kept the booking. Sasha didn’t know why, but then, he respected this as one of those times he just wasn’t privy to the ways Justin’s mind was functioning.

There was just something so off with Justin, but you would only realising it if you were close to him... )



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